We are a Kosice artisan company,  producing various  quality chocolate products. Among our great variety of articles  you can find  delicious  ( various size )  chocolate bars and more importantly, our wonderful chocolate pralines that we are proud to say, are filled with fillings cooked shortly before the actual filling process. To make the fillings, we use our own unique recipes.

In the cooking process, we do not use any  ingredients that would unnaturally influence the taste, color , life or the quality of our chocolate. All our chocolate pralines are carefully handmade and handfilled. The products we make require delicate handling and therefore, provide our customers with quite a delicate  and unique tasting experience.  

    Our main motto – In Harmony with Nature – ensures,   we are are 100 percent dedicated to creating all natural chocolate praline fillings. We also apply that same principle in our various combinations of  either fruity, flowery or spicy sprinkles with the right type of chocolate to complement eah other.