6 Times YES !

The Forra chocolate bars bring unique flavors and fillings with no preservatives, coloring agents or arificial flavorings. These perfectly combined fillings come from top quality ingredients and are cooked precisely 5-10 mins right before the actual filling process. Therefore, ensuring all tastes and aromas are wonderfully preserved.

This little secret, enables us to produce rich tasting chocolate bars and you needn’t worry about the artificial additives.

Shelf life of the bars is 28 days. The bars should be stored at 15C. (with the exception of the ginger and raspberry chocolate bars)

Dark Mint contains 100% natural mint oil ( 33g / 1,70€ )
Milk Hazelnut Contains 100% hazelnut paste ( 33g / 1,70€ )
White Coconut Contains 100% coconut paste ( 33g / 1,70€ )
Dark Ginger Contains dry ginger without SO2 ( 33g / 1,70€ )
Dark Star Anise ( 33g / 1,70€ )
Milk Caramel Contains caramel of coconut sugar ( 33g / 1,70€ )